Customer Testimonials

"My first but certainly not my last visit to Jen. I was a little uncertain that my new nails would last. Armed with the advice on how to look after them, all of which I completely ignored for the next 3 weeks and my nails looked fab, even comments of people thinking I must have had them re-done. I was amazed because I live on a farm, I ride horses, I muck out, I spend most of my life with mess, dirty unloved hands, I don't wear gloves for washing up or cleaning but they lasted 3 weeks (and would have continue to last if I hadn't bent a nail back and damaged it). I'm now booked in for my Christmas nails and I can't wait...and come the summer my toes with me having the same treatment!! All thanks to Jenna"

Nikki, Witney

“Amazing what can I say. My gelish has lasted well over 4 weeks. I had one casualty this morning. Far by the best and the longest I have ever had gelish last. I would highly recommend Jenna"

Emily, Eynsham

“Thank you so much for my lovely nails, I can't stop looking at them! Would highly recommend Jen"

Caroline, North Leigh

“A professional cleaner and allergic to gloves, I was amazed that the Gelish French Manicure looked and stayed fresh for four weeks. Delighted with the end result!"

Lynda, Great Milton

“ I loved my nails; it was wrench to have to have them removed after almost 3 weeks. I couldn’t believe how good they still looked as I have 2 young children and constantly spend my life with my hands in water, I was not as careful with them as I should have been!! I would most certainly recommend Jen's Nail Hut and Gelish polish."

Catherine, Freeland