Gelish Vs Shellac!The differences: Gelish is not to be mistaken with shellac. Both systems are seen as competitors as both names have become well known in the industry however they are completely different products and work in different ways. Firstly Shellac are known as ‘ The Original Power Polish’ and Hand & Nail Harmony’s Gelish know themselves as ‘The original brush-in-bottle, high-shine gel nail polish.’ This is because Shellac is a form of permanent nail polish whereas Gelish is a gel polish (a gel in the form of a polish). Shellac will only last around 2 weeks and Gelish will last up to 3 weeks on the average person.

The similarities: Both systems come in the form of a bottle, are instantly dry when leaving a salon, will not chip/smudge for at least two weeks and can be quickly applied and removed to natural nails.

Which is the safest?: Nails should be treated like jewels not tools! Gloves must be worn at all times when washing up and gardening and a nail oil such as Nourish needs to be applied twice daily to stop the natural nail becoming dry. With Shellac there’s no buffing to the nail plate. With Gelish you must lightly buff the nails but this will not damage or harm the nails at all. Gelish comes off a lot cleaner and lifts naturally away from the nails whereas Shellac must be scraped off. Both systems do NOT use primers instead Shellac use Scrub Fresh and Gelish use PH Bond. Scrub Fresh temporarily dehydrates the nail ready for application whereas PH Bond brings the PH of the nail to neutral. Gelish contains properties that adhere to the Keratin in the natural nail allowing the Gelish to bond whilst working with rather than against the natural nails.

The Lamps: Shellac uses a UV lamp which has caused a huge argument over whether this is safe for your hands. During a Shellac Manicure the UV lamp is switched on for a total of 12 minutes and 20 seconds. Gelish advise to use a LED lamp. LED lights have not yet been accused of causing any harm to any clients and there’s no claims of the light causing skin cancer. A Gelish manicure is considerably shorter than a Shellac one, the hand is under the light for a total of 2 minutes unless you’re wanting the French Manicure effect which takes 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Colour choice: There is a clear winner in this category …GELISH! They have a total of 200+ colours ranging from dark to light, block to shimmers and glitters and plenty more. Nearly all the colours are fashionable and trendy and so far I've failed to come across any I dislike. Shellac have a total of 70+ colours.