I strongly recommend that new customers purchase Nourish Cuticle Oil at their first appointment! This will keep yourPolyGel in tip top condition!

ONLY £5.99! (Subject to availability)


Price List

PolyGel Manicure

Overlay, Sculted or Tips, includes full cuticle work and application of PolyGel - Up to 2 and a 1/2hours per treatment

Natural/Dark Pink/Light Pink Overlays/Sculpted or Tips: £35

Natural/Dark Pink/Light Pink Overlays/Sculpted or Tips including Gelish Colour: £45

Overlays/Sculpted or Tips French: £40

Add a Scrub or Wax Treatment: £10*

* Includes Scrub or Paraffin Wax (please notify when booking), Massage Lotion, heated mitts & Cuticle Balm

PolyGel Rebalance

Restoring the balance & structure of the nail - repairing any cracks, chips, breaks, etc. reducing the length back to what it was, replacing the product in the grown out area, replacing the smile line back to where it should be, replacing the apex back to where it should be.

Rebalance: £25

Rebalance with Gelish Colour: £35

Rebalance French: £30

PolyGel  Repairs: £3.50 per nail

PolyGel Gelish Repairs: £4.50 per nail

PolyGel French Repairs: £4.00 per nail

Removal including Mini Manicure: £20

Removal of others work andapplying ANY new set: £10


Gelish PolyGel:

An industry first, nothing else on the market compares. Possibly making acrylics and hard gels obsolete!

Combining the best of gel and the best of liquid and powder, allowing me to easily create the perfect application. No heat spikes when curing. The perfect cool cure for clients comfort. Versatile, can be used for multiple types of application (sculpted, tips or overlays). No odor for a comfortable salon environment. Cures in 30 seconds, the same as Gelish.

Combining the strength of liquid and powder (acrylic) with the flexibility and ease of use of gel, PolyGel redefines the standard of the nail industry.

PolyGel creates a strong yet flexible, lightweight nail - 23% lighter than regular liquid an powder, 16% lighter than hard gels, with no sacrifice to durability. Supreme adhesion, no lifting or separation during wear. Works perfectly as either a sculpting or tip application with no loss of durability.

Choose from Natural Clear, Light Pink, Dark Pink, & Bright White (tip). Gelish can also be used over PolyGel giving you a fantastic range of colour opportunity!

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for each treatment, up to a maximum of 2 and a 1/2 hours.

Gift vouchers available! (for any of the above treatments)

Treat that "special" person to a Gelish PolyGelnail experience!